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How long does it take to drill the well? The actual length of time it takes to drill the well is based on a variation of well-depth and soil composition. Some of the harder soils, such as blue granite can make the drill slow down significantly until it can pass through that layer of rock. While one may think that the softer soils would be easier to drill through, sometimes they are just as difficult as they may give way easily and cave in further delaying the process. On average and under optimum conditions, a well with a depth of 600 feet takes about 1 day (this does not include the time required to install the pump).

How deep are wells in my area? Water wells in the area can range anywhere from 100 feet to more than 1,500 feet. The best way to answer this question would be to contact our office so that we may research out your specific area to provide the best estimate on the depth to water in your area.

Does Brown Drilling provide free estimates? Yes, all the estimates we provide are free. Call us with either your County Assessor's Parcel number or the physical street address (ie. 123 Main St) and we will do the research for your parcel to determine what the estimated depth and cost to drill a well. Once you decide to proceed with drilling, Brown Drilling will set up a time and date to meet with you on your property at no charge.

What is included in the price? The price to drill the water well by Brown Drilling includes the initial site survey if necessary, the hardware to install the well, and the labor and equipment to drill the well. The price to install the pump and the associated permits are not included. Some locations will require both a county and a state permit, while others may only require a state permit.

How is payment arranged and what types of payment is accepted? Payment in full is required upon the completion of the water well. We accept checks, credit cards and of course, cash. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Who do I contact to install the pump? Arthur's Sale and Service can get you an estimate to install the well pump, along with any other connection needs (ie pressure system, storage tank, connect to existing system) and they stand behind their product:  Arthur's Sale and Service (928-753-2048)

Additional information provided by the State of Arizona Department of Water Resources: A Practical Guide to Well Drilling in Arizona.


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